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Get a $25 Store Credit at the Superstore after you make your first qualifying transaction with your new NASCAR RacePoints Visa® credit card, and earn one point per net retail dollar you spend.

Then use your points toward official NASCAR gear.
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The NASCAR RacePoints Visa® credit card – the fastest way to earn.

Earn points wherever you go with a new NASCAR RacePoints Visa® credit card.

  • Get a $25 store credit at the Superstore
    after you make your first qualifying transaction.
  • Earn one point for every net retail dollar you spend using
    your NASCAR RacePoints Visa credit card.
  • Use your points toward your dream NASCAR reward from
  • Visa Signature cardholders are entitled to up to a 60% reduction in the
    number of RacePoints required for NASCAR experience and race ticket redemptions!

† $25 store credit not available for students. For information about rates, fees, other costs and benefits associated with the use of this card, click on Apply Now above and refer to the Terms and Conditions accompanying the online credit card application.  Call 866-579-RACE to redeem tickets and experiences at the special Visa Signature value.


Bank of America® NASCAR RacePoints Visa Credit Card Program Rules

The following are special rules (the “Rules”) established by the issuer of the NASCAR RacePoints credit card, FIA Card Services, N.A. (“also referred to by the terms "our," "us," or "we") which govern all aspects of use of our NASCAR-branded credit cards in connection with the NASCAR RacePoints Program, also referred to as the “Program.” These Bank of America RacePoints Rules supplement the Program Terms and Conditions with respect to the use of our NASCAR credit cards in connection with the Program.

Our NASCAR credit card customers (“Customers”) are automatically enrolled in the NASCAR RacePoints Program (the “Program”") at no additional cost. The Program is managed by Augeo Affinity Marketing, Inc. (the “Administrator”) and is fulfilled by the Administrator and its agents. We allow Customers to earn NASCAR RacePoints, or “Points,” in the Program.

Each cardholder, joint cardholder, and authorized user(s), if any, (referred to as "Cardholder(s)," "Participant(s)," "you," or "your") with our NASCAR credit card account ("Card"), may earn NASCAR RacePoints . A complete selection of Rewards is displayed online at (the "Site").

Review and keep this document. These Rules are separate from the terms of your Credit Card Agreement with us; however, any claim you may have against us, if any, arising from participation in the Program is subject to the arbitration provisions of your Credit Card Agreement. From time to time we may change the Rules. When any change is made, we will post revisions at the Site and/or we will notify you in writing, as applicable. It is your responsibility to review the Rules and the NASCAR RacePoints Program Terms and Conditions to be aware of any changes.

General Terms

  1. To participate in the NASCAR RacePoints Program, the Card must be open and have active charging privileges. Corporations, partnerships, trusts, foundations, and other entities or organizations may not participate in the Program. The Cardholder must be a natural person legally residing within the United States, the District of Columbia or the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and be at least 18 years of age.
  2. When your Card is opened, if you supplied us with a NASCAR RacePoints ID Number (“ID#”) on your application, we will use that ID# to transmit your earned points to your NASCAR RacePoints Account. If an ID# was not given we will assign one and submit your information to the Administrator for inclusion in the Program.
  3. NASCAR RacePoint earnings are based on the new net retail purchase transaction volume (i.e., purchases less credits, returns and adjustments) charged to the Card during each periodic billing cycle ("Billing Cycle") by the Participant(s) ("Net Purchase(s)"). You will earn 1 NASCAR RacePoint for each Net Purchase dollar. Net Points are rounded to the nearest whole Point and are subject to verification. Balance transfers, cash advances, the purchase of cash equivalents, including money orders, person-to-person money transfers, wire transfers, bets, lottery tickets, and casino gaming chips, credits for returned merchandise, credit insurance, debt cancellation charges, out-of-network payments made through Bill Pay Choice™ service, purchases made by or for a business or for a business purpose, fees, finance charges and unauthorized/fraudulent transactions do not earn NASCAR RacePoints. From time to time, special promotions may feature Bonus Points. Details will accompany any such offer.
  4. For new Customers, accrual of NASCAR RacePoints may begin on, but not before, your Enrollment Date. Enrollment Date means the date we mail the Card and the Credit Card Agreement to you. If you are an existing Customer and your account is converted to, i.e. you are enrolled in, the Program, you may not earn NASCAR RacePoints until the first day of the Billing Cycle beginning after your conversion. Points earned using the credit card are transmitted to your NASCAR RacePoints account at the end of each Billing Cycle. Allow 30 days from the closing date on your account statement for the transfer of NASCAR RacePoints to your NASCAR RacePoints account. Points expire five (5) years from the end of the Billing Cycle during which the Points were earned, or immediately if your credit card is closed for any reason. See NASCAR RacePoints Terms and Conditions for more information on the expiration of NASCAR RacePoints after transmission to your NASCAR RacePoints account.
  5. NASCAR RacePoints earned from the use of the Card may not be combined with other discounts, special rates, promotions, or other reward programs offered by us, or any entity, including airline frequent flier, hotel frequent guest or other travel-related or membership reward charge or credit card programs, whether in the U.S. or abroad.
  6. The Periodic Billing Cycle statement ("Statement") will show your Points earnings. Points are not eligible for use until they have appeared in your NASCAR RacePoints Account (view account by visiting Points have no intrinsic cash value, are non-negotiable, and cannot be redeemed for any benefit except those Rewards designated by the Administrator. Points are not property of any Cardholder or other person and may not be brokered; bartered; attached; pledged; gifted; sold, or transferred under any circumstances, including, but not limited to: disability; death; upon operation of law, or in connection with any domestic relations dispute and/or legal proceeding. We shall have no liability for disagreements between Cardholders regarding Points. Your Points may not be combined with anyone else's Points and Points cannot be transferred between any credit card accounts issued by us. Points cannot be used to pay off or pay down any credit card balance. Discrepancies about Points earnings are not treated as credit card billing disputes: refer to your Statement for details about billing disputes. Our decisions regarding Points discrepancies related to use of your Card shall be final.
  7. To obtain Rewards go to the Site or call 1-866-579-RACE (7223).
  8. If a Cardholder voluntarily closes the Card or we close the Card, all unused Points are immediately and irrevocably forfeited. We reserve the right to disqualify any Cardholder from participation in the Program, as a Cardholder, refuse to award Points for Card use, and close your Card if, in our sole judgment, you or any other person(s) using the Card, have violated any of these Rules or any of the Program Terms and Conditions, including but not limited to acts of fraud or other abuse.
  9. We reserve the right to disqualify any Cardholder from earning Points from use of such Cardholder’s Card in the Program if, in our sole judgment, any Cardholder has violated applicable laws or regulations, fails to comply with these Rules or any of the Program Terms and Conditions, including any revisions or amendments hereof or thereof, or if his or her actions constitute fraud. Disqualification may result in termination of a Cardholder’s right to use the Card in the Program, termination of the participation of other persons with the same account, and/or loss of Points prior to their accrual in the participant’s RacePoints Account. If your participation in the Program ends and you are otherwise credit eligible, we may, at our discretion issue a replacement credit card account to you. A replacement credit card account may not provide you with access to Program features, including Points associated with use of the card.
  10. We may change or limit any aspect of these Rules or the manner and extent to which Cardholders may participate in the Program or any portion thereof, at any time. Changes may affect outstanding transactions and Points, and may include, but are not limited to, the type of Card transactions qualifying for Points, and the maximum number of Points earned through Card use per month or year, or otherwise, if applicable. The Program is not scheduled to end on a predetermined date.
  11. The Administrator and suppliers of goods and services to the Program are independent contractors and are not our agents or employees, or any of our affiliates; or any group, organization, or entity endorsing our credit card program. We neither offer, endorse, nor guarantee any of the goods, services, information or recommendations provided by third parties to you.
  12. The Rewards portions of the Program are managed by The Administrator and its agents and not by us.
  13. You agree to release FIA Card Services, N.A. and each of its respective affiliates and subsidiaries from all liability for injury, accident, loss, claim, expense or damages sustained by you, and in the case of a Reward allowing a guest, anyone traveling with you or without you, in connection with the receipt, ownership, or use of any Reward. The foregoing entities shall not be liable for consequential damages, and the sole extent of liability, if at all, shall not exceed the actual value of the Reward. We are not responsible for typographical errors and/or omissions in any Program document.
  14. You are responsible for determining any tax liability arising from participation in the Program. Consult your tax advisor concerning tax consequences. The Program is subject to government approval and is void where prohibited by law.
  15. Each Cardholder consents to and authorizes us and any of our respective parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, and any non affiliated third parties with whom any of the foregoing contract in connection with the Program, to share information about the Cardholder and the Card (including the Program component) as necessary to effect, administer, enforce, service, or fulfill the terms of the Program and for other lawful purposes. The Cardholder’s consent and authorization shall be effective while the Card is open and has active charging privileges and may not thereafter be rescinded, and shall not be superseded by any future privacy statement or opt-out notification or elections the Cardholder may make. To view the privacy policy (which applies only to us and not to the Administrator), visit A copy of the privacy policy is provided to all of our Customers.

    Bank of America is a trademark of Bank of America Corporation. All other company, product, and service names may be trademarks or service marks of others and their use does not imply endorsement or an association with this program.

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